About the solution that Photo Station external network cannot access

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Recently I just entered a DS215J, and I also encountered a similar situation in Photo Station. After several days of exploring the test, I made the following summary:

Equipment situation:
Routing: Linksys EA6700 brushed DDWRT
Mobile: Android DS Series

Fault condition: The functions of the internal network are normal, the DDNS service is normal, and the forwarding is set in the routing according to the application ports of the group. After the external network DS Video, DS File, web login NAS management interface, WebDAV, etc. normal. Only DS Photo+ can't be accessed, and the connection is incorrect. You can't open the Photo station by logging into the NAS's suite center through the webpage. But there is a very strange phenomenon, that is, just after the route is finished port forwarding, the DS Photo+ of the mobile terminal can be used normally (fill in the quickID), and after a period of time, it cannot be accessed.

Later passed Baidu and tested as follows:
1, DDWRT this routing firmware management interface is actually a small WEB, it occupies 80 ports.
2. My telecom operator has blocked 80 and 8080 external terminals.

There are two solutions as follows, choose one of them:
1. Routing port forwarding settings Customize other ports (such as 81) to forward to port 80 of the NAS.
2. In the web service in the NAS, select "Add additional Http port", fill in a custom port (such as 82), and do the forwarding setting in the routing settings, and transfer 82 to the NAS 82.

In this way, fill in the domain name of DDNS + the corresponding port number in the first column of DS Photo+ on the mobile side, such as the first type "XXX.synology.me:81" or the second type "XXX.synology.me:82". In the extranet webpage, you can also access PhotoStation by entering "XXX.synology.me:81/photo" directly in the web address bar (you don't have to think about opening the external network directly in the kit center)

There is a very strange problem. Since Group Hui has set up an additional Http port for PhotoStation, why do you have to add a port number after the domain name? ? Why can't I transfer automatically? Or why can't I change the default port number of PhotoStation to a non-80 port? ? ?
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